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With ever-increasing demands for businesses to have modern, content rich, functional and user friendly websites, businesses are finding the costs of employing in-house developers and content editors are rising. In addition, some smaller businesses find they just don’t have the time or skills to update their website, this can result in websites becoming stale, attracting less customers/visitors and losing search engine ranking. Our team of motivated and experienced industry professionals at Nikal Systems believe we can offer a cost effective alternative.

Options & Fees:

Option 1:
Ad hoc Maintenance rate £25 Per Hour (Split into 15 minutes intervals)

Option 2:
Annual Flexible Maintenance Plan

Simply purchase how many monthly hours you will require to cover your website maintenance, call us if you need help with estimating this. You can go over or under your maintenance hours allowance throughout the year with no penalties. After 12 months, if there is any positive balance remaining, we will refund up to 50% of the total balance or you can choose carry the balance into the following year. If there is a negative balance remaining after 12 Months you can either choose to pay the difference or reduce the balance in the following year, if there is sufficient balance available on your current plan. You also have the option to increase or decrease your maintenance plan at the time of renewal. Please note balances can not be carried forward, whether negative or positive for 2 consecutive years.

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